Instagram: One of the most powerful Social Networks

As you may know, since 2012, the Instagram platform owned by Facebook has simply exploded to more than 700 million users who use this social network at least once a month. Believe it or not, a little over four years ago, there were only 90 million users.

Focusing primarily on sharing photos and videos, the platform has charmed the millennials while continuing to gain popularity with other generations as well. The addition of Instagram “Stories” has also helped to build its users loyalty by increasing the number of users who log on to the platform every day.

What characterizes the most Instagram to the rest of platforms is its user engagement rate. Instagram is number one when it comes to engaging, among other things, the visual aspect surrounding the platform, its simplicity and its ability to allow interaction makes this possible.

For the rest of this post, we will give you some tips that will help you be successful and have a profitable presence on Instagram:

1.Use hashtags and location tags
Get your audience’s attention by taking advantage of what Instagram has to offer. Brands that used at least one hashtag with their publication got more reactions than those who did not, which is more than 16%.

2.Offer special discounts and different offers
Take advantage of Instagram to set up campaigns that aim to build customer loyalty or to offer special promotions that promote sales.

3.Stay engaged with your audience
Several studies have shown that millennials are more receptive and remember more of the content that is generated by users than traditional media. Search through Instagram for publications that are organic to see if there are any related to your photos. Then, if you find content, nothing prevents you from getting in touch with these users and asking them if you can reuse their photos for your marketing.

Also, the more you are able to generate the commitment, the greater your chances are that your products come to the mind of consumers. You can identify your audience in your comments. If your goal is to reach a younger audience, or if your products or services are likely to interest this one, Instagram could be an interesting option among other social networks to consider.

5.Buy Instagram Followers

If you have an online business, you will know that the most important is to have a good reputation. Buying followers and likes are probably the fastest way to build trust in your brand and get more sales.